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HexRaysAST matcher

MIT license

This is simple PoC that allows you to define AST pattern you want to process and make some actions with them

Current code contains templates for:

  1. Replacing inlined strlen called on global variable
  2. Auto renaming globals in expressions like global_var = func(arg1, "newglobalname")
  3. Auto renaming structure fields like glob_str.f0 = sub_cafebabe to glob_str.sub_cafebabe = sub_cafebabe

Scripts are not fully tested (e.g. it can fail on some ctree elements), but you can already make some useful things. contains some functions that help to create ctree items

If you got some interr like 50680 etc after yours changes to ctree you should check IDADIR/hexrays_sdk/verifier/cverify.cpp (you need to have IDA 7.1+)


  1. Load into IDA
  2. Write your patterns in You should define PATTERNS list with tuples (template_code, replacement_fcn, is_chain) as elements
  3. Call reLOAD() function from IDAPython
  4. Reload decompiler window
  5. You can call unLOAD() function to disable modifications
  6. Also deBUG() method switches DEBUG mode on/off
  7. If you want to reload or remove hex-rays callback call hr_remove()


Before before screen

After after screen

cpp operator << replace:

Before before screen

After after screen


Released under The MIT License

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