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Open your first pull request for the Hacktoberfest 2021 challenge.

How to make your first pull request?

Step#1: Star this repo

Star this repo for hacktoberfest

Step#2: Show some love

(Follow me on github - this motivates me to review & merge pull requests quicker.)

Step#3: Fork and clone the repository.

Step#4: Send in your valuable projects/code to this repository in order to complete it. Please make sure you are making a valid contribution to the open source.

Step#5: Add your files git add -A

Step#6 Commit your changes git commit -m "commit message here"

Step#7: Push to your fork git push and submit a pull request.

Step#8: Pat your self on the back and wait for your pull request to be reviewed and merged.

Are you a Software Developer?

This repo is open to contributions (in the form of questions) from Software Developers.

What is Hacktoberfest?

A month-long celebration from October 1st - 31st sponsored by Digital Ocean and GitHub to get people involved in Open Source. Create your very first pull request to any public repository on GitHub and contribute to the open source developer community.

Enjoy Coding and Keep contributing to open source.

(PS- Add your name to in the format [ Your_Name ] (Your_Profile_Link))

Contribute some good codes, don't submit HelloWorld programs or your contribution will be marked as INVALID/SPAM.

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