Project Analysis Of Violent Crime In La


The technical requirements for the project:

Use Pandas to clean and format your data set(s) Create a Jupyter Notebook describing the data exploration and cleanup process Create a Jupyter Notebook illustrating the final data analysis Use Matplotlib to create a total of 6-8 visualizations of your data (ideally, at least 2 per "question" you ask of your data) Save PNG images of your visualizations to distribute to the class and instructional team, and for inclusion in your presentation Optionally, use at least one API, if you can find an API with data pertinent to your primary research questions Create a write-up summarizing your major findings. This should include a heading for each "question" you asked of your data, and under each heading, a short description of what you found and any relevant plots.

Project Decription:

Crime Trends in California* California’s violent crime rate rose in 2016—but it remains historically low.   Violent crime increased in a majority of counties. This project took a closer look at the incidence of violent crime in the city of Los Angeles City from 2010 to 2017 to investigate if it matches the current trends.

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