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Shoutem is a platform for building beautiful React Native mobile apps. The easiest way to understand what Shoutem is to think of it as the WordPress for mobile apps. Apps are divided into smaller modules, called extensions. On WordPress you build a website out of plugins; on Shoutem you build a mobile app out of extensions. This architecture helps us achieve big development efficiency.


Join our community on Facebook. Also, feel free to ask a question on Stack Overflow using "shoutem" tag.

Feature requests

We would like to know what you want to do with Shoutem extensions. Feel free to raise issues with feature requests and upvote the ones labeled as a feature request, so we can know what you need the most. We're going to put label in progress for the features that we decide to implement.

React Native

Shoutem app is a React Native app. We designed extensions’ architecture with the goal not to add overhead over pure React Native. If you know React Native, you will know how to write Shoutem extensions. If you're just starting with React Native, check out our React Native School.


Shoutem prepared and open sourced a lot of extensions that you can use in your apps. Don’t reinvent the wheel: reuse extensions which are suitable for you, customize them or create new ones. You can find the full list of extensions here.


All our extensions are open sourced, so you can modify anything you want by simply forking them. You can also write your own ones from scratch.

Tools and docs

We've prepared tools to speed up your extension development like Shoutem CLI, Shoutem UI toolkit for faster component development and documented all the concepts on this developer's portal.

If you find some bug or have a suggestion on how to improve anything, feel free to contribute or raise an issue!

Start creating your apps!

If you’re not already using Shoutem, you can create your account here, and start developing beautiful mobile apps.

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