Codegen for StorIO entity classes to wotk with SQLite
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Codegen for StorIO entity classes to wotk with SQLite
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It's a Java classes code generator to work with SQLite through StorIO

CodeGenUnderStorIO generates entity classes (with annotations) needed to work StorIO, as well as the supporting metadata classes that contain static information describing the tables of the database.

For whom and why:

The project will be useful for those users of StorIO, who is developing its database in any visual editor that can generate queries to create tables. And will help you to save time when you describe а developed database schema in Android project by generating the required java classes of the tables description.

How to use:

  1. You need to collect in a single text file the queries such as CREATE TABLE
  2. Run with arguments the file CodeGenUnderStorIO.jar

Available arguments in the order they appear:

  • The full path and name of the file containing the SQL queries (the path can be omitted if the file is located in the same folder with CodeGenUnderStorIO.jar)
  • The java package name to specify it in the generated classes and create the appropriate directory structure
  • Full or relative path to the location of the generated files


See there. To run codegen use

And don't forget look at their code to see the arguments.

For those who have not decided with a visual editor database structure, it is proposed to use Visual Paradigm Community Edition. In this editor was generated schema used in the example.

Assembly of project

To run the source codes of the project will need to specify dependencies from third party libraries:

The project is inspired by the plugin AutoGenerator for which separate him thanks. There are also plans to assembly from this project a plugin for IDE, but when... who knows. So, if you like the project and you have time to create a plugin from it, I will gladly accept your pull-requsts : )

Created by @Shivan

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