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A Visual Studio Code extension to lint CSS/SCSS/Less with stylelint



  1. Execute Extensions: Install Extensions command from Command Palette.
  2. Type @sort:installs stylelint into the search form and install the topmost one.

Read the extension installation guide for more details.

Optional (but recommended) setup

duplicate messages from both the built-in linter and vscode-stylelint

To prevent both the editor built-in linters [css] [less] [scss] and this extension [stylelint] from reporting essentially the same errors like in the screenshot, disable the built-in ones in User or Workspace setting:

"css.validate": false,
"less.validate": false,
"scss.validate": false


Once a user follows the stylelint startup guide by creating a configuration file or by editing stylelint.* VSCode settings, stylelint automatically validates documents with these language identifiers:

UI to select a language identifier

Extension settings

Though it's highly recommended to add a stylelint configuration file to the current workspace folder instead, the following extension settings are also available.


Type: boolean
Default: true

Control whether this extension is enabled or not.


Type: Object
Default: null

Set stylelint configOverrides option.


Type: Object
Default: null

Set stylelint config option. Note that when this option is enabled, stylelint doesn't load configuration files.


ISC License © 2018- 2019 Watanabe Shinnosuke

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