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This is a really old workflow, the current "old" version can be downloaded from Packal -- you can also find it in this repo. However, it does not work with Yosemite.

There is a quick fix hosted in this repo: download. It does have a different Bundle ID than the old one, so when I finally find the time to give the new one all the functionality that it needs, then it won't automatically update through the Packal Updater. Still, it's a fix until I find the time to get back to this project.

Currently, there is just one command: help.

The workflow crawls through your installed workflows and pulls out the information about keywords and hotkeys among others and compiles a temporary help file that it shows view a quicklook debug utility.

Github Repository here: Download here:

Has Alleyoop support.

The file can take a few seconds to generate, and it is generated every time. This will change in a later version.

Quirks and files included:
  • This workflow displays the file generated through a debug mode of Quicklook (so that the focus doesn't need to switch to finder), so there will always be a "[debug]" message on the window.
  • I've included a Quicklook Markdown generator in the workflow to make sure that the file always displays correctly.
  • There are some images that are included that are not currently used (these are in the "images" folder). They will be used to show the hotkeys later.
  • ALP is included. Right now, only part of the library is used, so I might strip it down to make the workflow smaller.
  • So, the size of the workflow is larger because of these things in there.
Dependencies and Testing:

Built on Mountain Lion (10.8.3) Should be compatible for all systems as the only dependencies are included in the workflow.

  • Clean up the code.
  • Cache the generated file and update it only when the workflow folder changes.
  • Make the display of the file nicer.
  • Add in more images to the file.
  • Display individual workflow helps (show the data for that workflow as well as the file).
  • Have a better precedent to show either text or subtext for the command help.
  • Try to figure out a way to describe arguments taken for different commands / hotkeys.
  • Make it understand file actions better.
  • Clean up the file/folder structure.
  • Some other ideas are written into the source code
  • Maybe some more... any ideas?
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