CvPytorch is an open source COMPUTER VISION toolbox based on PyTorch.
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TensorFlow Tutorial and Examples for Beginners (support TF v1 & v2)
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StyleGAN - Official TensorFlow Implementation
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A tensorflow implementation of "Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks"
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Not Suitable for Work (NSFW) classification using deep neural network Caffe models.
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StarGAN v2 - Official PyTorch Implementation (CVPR 2020)
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Transfer Learning Library for Domain Adaptation, Task Adaptation, and Domain Generalization
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Semantic Segmentation Suite in TensorFlow. Implement, train, and test new Semantic Segmentation models easily!
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📈 目前最大的工业缺陷检测数据库及论文集 Constantly summarizing open source dataset and critical papers in the field of surface defect research which are of great importance.
a year ago15mitPython
Building a Real-time Hand-Detector using Neural Networks (SSD) on Tensorflow
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CvPytorch is an open source COMPUTER VISION toolbox based on PyTorch.

What's New!!!

  • [2022.10.16] Release SegNeXt models with segnext_s, segnext_b, segnext_l on Cityscapes (81.22 , 82.4982.57 mIoU).
  • [2022.10.04] Release SegNeXt models with segnext_t on Cityscapes (79.83mIoU).
  • [2022.09.25] Release ObjectBox models with objectbox-l on COCO (38.38mAP).
  • [2022.09.21] Release YOLOX-PAI models with yolox-pai-s on COCO (41.06mAP), pls refer to conf/coco_pai_yolox_s.yml.
  • [2022.09.18] Release YOLO7 models with yolov7-l on COCO (45.26mAP).
  • [2022.09.12] Release ObjectBox models with objectbox-m on COCO (36.41mAP).
  • [2022.08.03] Release LPSNet models with lpsnet_s on Cityscapes (56.66mIoU).
  • [2022.07.17] Release FastestDet models on COCO (11.42mAP).
  • [2022.07.10] Release YOLO6 models with yolov6-s on COCO (39.63mAP).
  • [2022.06.11] Release YOLOX models with yolox-s on COCO (38.36mAP).
  • [2022.05.31] Release YOLOv5 models with yolov5-s on COCO (36.10mAP), pls refer to conf/coco_yolov5_s.yml.
  • [2022.05.19] Release EfficientNet models with efficientnet_b0, efficientnet_b1, efficientnet_b2, efficientnet_b3, efficientnet_b4, efficientnet_b5, efficientnet_b6 and efficientnet_b7 on Mini-ImageNet (85.08, 85.60, 85.74, 86.06, 88.69, 85.62, 85.76 and 85.54 mAcc).
  • [2022.05.16] Release ConvNeXt models with convnext_tiny, convnext_small, convnext_base and convnext_large on Mini-ImageNet (83.45, 83.97, 85.32 and 85.90 mAcc).
  • [2022.05.14] Release VGG models with vgg11, vgg13, vgg16 and vgg19 on Mini-ImageNet (58.52, 62.32, 56.45 and 50.36 mIoU).
  • [2022.05.12] Release shufflenetv2_x0.5 and shufflenetv2_x1.0 models on Mini-ImageNet (63.85 and 69.80mAcc).
  • [2022.05.11] Release mobilenet_v3_large models on Mini-ImageNet (83.26mAcc).
  • [2022.05.11] Release mobilenet_v3_small models on Mini-ImageNet (80.08mAcc).
  • [2022.04.27] Release Resnet50 models on Mini-ImageNet (69.02mAcc).
  • [2022.04.27] Release MobileNetV2 models on Mini-ImageNet (77.47mAcc).
  • [2022.04.26] Release NanoDet-Plus-320 models with shufflenetv2 backbone on COCO (25.89mAP).
  • [2022.04.25] Release TopFormer models with topformer_tiny on Cityscapes (71.00mIoU).
  • [2022.04.24] Release TopFormer models with topformer_small on Cityscapes (72.86mIoU).
  • [2022.04.22] Release TopFormer models with topformer_base on Cityscapes (74.60mIoU).
  • [2022.04.20] Release SGCPNet models with mobilenet v3 on Cityscapes (56.47mIoU).
  • [2022.03.03] Release RegSeg models with exp48_decoder26 on Cityscapes (73.76mIoU).
  • [2022.01.06] Release FCOS models with resnet50 backbone for 800x800 image on COCO (36.88mAP).
  • [2021.07.23] Release NanoDet models with RepVGG backbone on COCO (27.16mAP).
  • [2021.07.23] Release NanoDet-g models with cspnet backbone on COCO (23.54mAP).
  • [2021.07.23] Release NanoDet models with efficientnet_lite backbone on COCO (25.65mAP).
  • [2021.07.22] Release NanoDet-t models with Transformer neck on COCO (21.97mAP).
  • [2021.07.20] Release NanoDet-416 models with shufflenetv2 backbone on COCO (23.30mAP).
  • [2021.07.07] Release STDC models with stdc2 backbone on Cityscapes (73.36mIoU).
  • [2021.07.06] Release STDC models with stdc1 backbone on Cityscapes (72.89mIoU).
  • [2021.07.05] Release NanoDet-320 models with shufflenetv2 backbone on COCO (20.54mAP).
  • [2021.07.01] Release DeepLab v3+ models with resnet50 backbone on Cityscapes (72.96mIoU).
  • [2021.06.28] Release Unet models on Cityscapes (56.90mIoU).
  • [2021.06.20] Release PSPNet models with resnet50 backbone on Cityscapes (72.59mIoU).
  • [2021.06.15] Release DeepLab v3 models with mobilenet_v2, resnet50 and resnet101 backbone on Cityscapes (68.06, 71.53 and 72.83mIoU).


  • Python 3.8
  • PyTorch 1.6.0
  • Torchvision 0.7.0
  • tensorboardX 2.1


Image Classification

  • [x] (VGG) VGG: Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Image Recognition

  • [x] (ResNet) ResNet: Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition

  • [x] (DenseNet) DenseNet: Densely Connected Convolutional Networks

  • [x] (ShuffleNet) ShuffleNet: An Extremely Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Mobile Devices

  • [x] (ShuffleNet V2) ShuffleNet V2: Practical Guidelines for Ecient CNN Architecture Design

Object Detection

  • [ ] (SSD) SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector

  • [ ] (Faster R-CNN) Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with Region Proposal Networks

  • [ ] (YOLOv3) YOLOv3: An Incremental Improvement

  • [ ] (YOLOv5)

  • [ ] (FPN) FPN: Feature Pyramid Networks for Object Detection

  • [x] (FCOS) FCOS: Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object Detection

Semantic Segmentation

  • [ ] (FCN) Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation

  • [x] (Deeplab V3+) Encoder-Decoder with Atrous Separable Convolution for Semantic Image Segmentation

  • [x] (PSPNet) Pyramid Scene Parsing Network

  • [x] (ENet) A Deep Neural Network Architecture for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation

  • [x] (U-Net) Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation

  • [x] (SegNet) A Deep ConvolutionalEncoder-Decoder Architecture for ImageSegmentation

Instance Segmentation

  • [x] (Mask-RCNN) Mask-RCNN




For this example, we will use COCO dataset with yolov5l.yaml . Feel free to use your own custom dataset and configurations.

Single GPU:

$ python --setting 'conf/hymenoptera.yml'

Multiple GPUs:

$ python -m torch.distributed.launch --nproc_per_node=2 --setting 'conf/hymenoptera.yml'



  • [x] Train Custom Data
  • [x] Multi-GPU Training
  • [x] Mixed Precision Training
  • [x] Warm-Up
  • [x] Gradient Accumulation
  • [ ] Gradient Checkpoint
  • [x] clip_grad
  • [ ] Model Pruning/Sparsity
  • [ ] Quantization
  • [ ] TensorRT Deployment
  • [ ] ONNX and TorchScript Export
  • [ ] Class Activation Mapping (CAM)
  • [ ] Test-Time Augmentation (TTA)


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2020 min liu

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