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2D fractal engine with GPU
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4 years ago2November 07, 20169mitJavaScript
turbo.js - perform massive parallel computations in your browser with GPGPU.
7 months ago4bsd-2-clauseC++
3D GPUs Strange Attractors and Hypercomplex Fractals explorer - up to 256 Million particles in RealTime
4 years ago3mitC++
Minimal Example of Using Vulkan for Compute Operations. Only ~400LOC.
5 years agoC#
A GPU accelerated fractal terrain renderer for Unity
7 years ago1C#
GPU accelerated fractal tunnel renderer for Unity
2 years ago7mitRust
An elegant (imo) rendering engine written in Rust.
8 months ago4JavaScript
Drawing cohomology fractals with the GPU.
a year agomitPython
Interactive Mandelbrot set on GPU with Python
4 years ago6C
Redflash is a physics-based GPU renderer based on Path Tracing implemented in NVIDIA® OptiX 6.0, which can consistently draw scenes with mixed Polygons and Raymarching
Fractal Explorer12
5 months agoRust
A simple Julia Set and Mandelbrot interactive explorer built using Rust. It can run as a desktop application or on the web. Web demo available at https://lobis.github.io/fractal-explorer/
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2D fractal engine with OpenCL hardware acceleration

The project was about drawing fractals using a graphics library, in C.

Some students focused on making beautiful fractals, other focused on mathematics, and I focused on making the zoom very fast, powerful and psychedelic using parallel computing.

The binary can be compiled with or without OpenCL and thus can still run in CPU mode.

Requires minilibx - see mlx folder

img img img img img

And with a 3D representation of Mandelbrot's fractal :


You can see the middle part tends to infinity and that the iterations are arbitrarily stopped.

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