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Saphir Hash

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Saphir Hash is a Java library for calculating cryptographic message digests. The library is derived from the sphlib 3.0 code that can be found here:

The repackaged, mavenized and JCA-enabled version 3.0.3 and later can be found here:

Compared to the standard SUN message digest algorithm this library contains many experimental hash algorithms.

List of algorithms:

  • BLAKE224,256,384,512
  • BMW224,256,384,512
  • CubeHash224,256,384,512
  • ECHO224,256,384,512
  • Fugue224,256,384,512
  • Groestl224,256,384,512
  • Hamsi224,256,384,512
  • HAVAL128_3,128_4,128_5,160_3,160_4,160_5,192_3,192_4,192_5,224_3,224_4,224_5,256_3,256_4,256_5 JH224,256,384,512
  • Keccak224,256,384,512
  • Luffa224,256,384,512
  • MD2
  • MD4
  • MD5
  • RadioGatun32,64
  • RIPEMD128,160
  • SHA0,1,224,256,384,512
  • Shabal192,224,256,384,512
  • SHAvite224,256,384,512
  • SIMD224,256,384,512
  • Skein224,256,384,512
  • Tiger2
  • Tiger
  • Whirlpool0,1
  • Whirlpool


You can view the api docs online at The documentation can be generated with the command

mvn javadoc:aggregate


The library is built with Apache Maven. You can build it by doing

mvn clean package

in the top library folder.


The original library was written by the "Projet RNRT SAPHIR", which is a research project sponsored by the French government; project members are public and private organizations:

  • Cryptolog
  • École Normale Superieure
  • France Telecom
  • Gemalto

Projet RNRT SAPHIR was continued into Projet RNRT SAPHIR2, with four new additional members:

  • Cassidian
  • Morpho
  • UVSQ

We use the "Projet RNRT SAPHIR" expression to designate both SAPHIR and SAPHIR2.

All the actual code has been written by:

Thomas Pornin <thomas.pornin at>

The additions were written by:

Stephan Fuhrmann <s at>

List of changes

The following is a rough list of changes and additions done by me, Stephan Fuhrmann:

  • Moved project structure to modern maven build with subprojects.
  • Moved tests to JUnit tests.
  • Created JCA adapter to the digest algorithms.
  • Created speed benchmark code to compare against SUN and BouncyCastle implementations.

Maven dependencies

You can use the code using the Maven repository.

The core classes without JCA support is in this dependency (version may change):


The JCA provider is contained in this dependency (version may change):


Example usage

The following short example directly instantiates fr.cryptohash.JCAProvider and calculates a digest over the String "test" in the platforms default character encoding:

import fr.cryptohash.JCAProvider;

MessageDigest mdSH = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5", new JCAProvider());
byte mdSHDigest[] = mdSH.digest();

Performance discussion

The following image shows the performance of different algorithm implementations for a data size of 1M. The numbers are in nanoseconds:

Performance Chart

The implementations are:

  • JDK 1.8.0_121
  • Bouncy Castle 1.46
  • Saphir Hash JCA 3.0.3


The original library is in a MIT-like license, the rest is in a BSD-like license.

See the file for a detailed discussion.

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