Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


An open-source BzTree implementation, used in our VLDB paper:

Lucas Lersch, Xiangpeng Hao, Ismail Oukid, Tianzheng Wang, Thomas Willhalm:
Evaluating Persistent Memory Range Indexes. PVLDB 13(4): 574-587 (2019)



mkdir build & cd build

Volatile only

mkdir build & cd build

Other build options

-DPMEM_BACKEND=EMU to emulate persistent memory using DRAM

-DGOOGLE_FRAMEWORK=0 if you're not comfortable with google frameworks (gtest/glog/gflags)

-DBUILD_TESTS=0 to build shared library only (without tests)

-DMAX_FREEZE_RETRY=n to set max freeze retry times, default to 1, check the original paper for details

-DENABLE_MERGE=1 to enable merge after delete, this is disabled by default, check the original paper for details.

Benchmark on PiBench

We officially support bztree wrapper for pibench:

make bztree_pibench_wrapper -j

Checkout PiBench here:

Build/Create BzTree shared lib

mkdir Release & cd Release

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