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Select2 control with multiple select for Vue.

Dependencies libraries

V-Select2-Component is baseed on these plugins and libs(version):

How to install & use


// npm install
npm install v-select2-multiple-component --save

Use in component

  1. Import as global component (use everywhere):
// import Select2MultipleControl
import Select2MultipleControl from 'v-select2-multiple-component';

Vue.component('Select2MultipleControl', Select2);
new Vue({
	// ...
  1. Import into a single component:
    <select2-multiple-control v-model="myValue" :options="myOptions" @change="myChangeEvent($event)" @select="mySelectEvent($event)" />
    <h4>Value: {{ myValue }}</h4>
import Select2MultipleControl from 'v-select2-multiple-component';

export default {
    // declare Select2MultipleControl
    components: {Select2MultipleControl},
    data() {
        return {
            myValue: '',
            myOptions: ['op1', 'op2', 'op3'] // or [{id: key, text: value}, {id: key, text: value}]
    method: {
        mySelectEvent({id, text}){
            console.log({id, text})

Option settings

  • options: option[]
    • data source for select2
    • option: {id: key, text: value} or string
  • v-model: option values that is selected
    • id[] or string[]
  • change
    • callback when option selected change
    • return value
    • parmas: same with v-model
  • select
    • callback when option selected
    • parmas: option({id: value, text: key, selected: ifSelected} or string)
  • disabled
    • if select is disabled
  • settings
    • configurable settings, see Select2 options API
    • setting: { settingOption: value, settingOption: value }


Special thanks to godbasin for the non-multiselect select2.

Copyright © 2018 by Seth Phat Phat Tran Minh

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