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The docker-compose files for setting up a SearXNG instance with docker.
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Create a new SearXNG instance in five minutes using Docker

What is included ?

Name Description Docker image Dockerfile
Caddy Reverse proxy (create a LetsEncrypt certificate automatically) caddy/caddy:2-alpine Dockerfile
SearXNG SearXNG by itself searxng/searxng:latest Dockerfile
Redis In-memory database redis:alpine Dockerfile-alpine.template

How to use it

  • Install docker
  • Install docker-compose (be sure that docker-compose version is at least 1.9.0)
  • Get searxng-docker
    cd /usr/local
    git clone
    cd searxng-docker
  • Edit the .env file to set the hostname and an email
  • Generate the secret key sed -i "s|ultrasecretkey|$(openssl rand -hex 32)|g" searxng/settings.yml
  • Edit the searxng/settings.yml file according to your need
  • Check everything is working: docker-compose up
  • Run SearXNG in the background: docker-compose up -d

How to access the logs

To access the logs from all the containers use: docker-compose logs -f.

To access the logs of one specific container:

  • Caddy: docker-compose logs -f caddy
  • SearXNG: docker-compose logs -f searxng
  • Redis: docker-compose logs -f redis

Start SearXNG with systemd

You can skip this step if you don't use systemd.

  • cp searxng-docker.service.template searxng-docker.service
  • edit the content of WorkingDirectory in the searxng-docker.service file (only if the installation path is different from /usr/local/searxng-docker)
  • Install the systemd unit:
    systemctl enable $(pwd)/searxng-docker.service
    systemctl start searxng-docker.service

Note on the image proxy feature

The SearXNG image proxy is activated by default.

The default Content-Security-Policy allow the browser to access to ${SEARXNG_HOSTNAME} and https://*;.

If some users wants to disable the image proxy, you have to modify ./Caddyfile. Replace the img-src 'self' data: https://*; by img-src * data:;.

Multi Architecture Docker images

Supported architecture:

  • amd64
  • arm64
  • arm/v7

How to update ?

To update the SearXNG stack:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose up

To update this docker-compose.yml file:

Check out the newest version on github: searxng/searxng-docker.

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