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macOS zsh Completions

Some zsh completion files for macOS specific commands and third party tools.

Pull requests and contributions are welcome!

Setup and Installation

To use mac-zsh-completions on your Mac, follow these steps:

  • download the project zip or git clone the project
  • in your .zshrc (or other zsh configuration file) add the full path to the mac-zsh-completions/completions directory to the fpath, e.g.
fpath=( ~/Projects/mac-zsh-completions/completions $fpath )
  • the command to load compinit should come after modifying the fpath in your .zshrc

  • open a new Terminal window to get the new completions

  • sometimes (rarely) you may have to delete the ~/.zcompdump file

% rm ~/.zcompdump
% compinit
  • remember to regularly re-download or git pull for new completions and updates

Install via oh-my-zsh

git clone [email protected]:scriptingosx/mac-zsh-completions.git "$ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/mac-zsh-completions"
  • Add to your ~/.zshrc plugins array plugins=(... mac-zsh-completions)
  • Run source ~/.zshrc or restart your shell to activate

Comments and Discussion

Aside from issues and pull request, I suggest the #zsh channel on the MacAdmins Slack for discussion.

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