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Awesome Open Source

An ecomerce platform for October CMS.

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About this project

Warning: This repository is a work in progress, and is not ready for use by anyone.

This repository has undergone a number of complete rewrites. It is my hope that this version will be the one to finally make it to the October marketplace as a free plugin. To achieve this, I am scaling back the scope and complexity of this plugin with one goal in mind; to create a core set of reliable and well tested features. Once this is done, I will consider re-implementing some of the more advanced features that other versions had.

To see the progress being made toward the first release, check out the first release milestone.

Live demo

A QA site has been set up at

You can log into the backend with username demo and password demo.

Local development

To properly configure the dev environment, create an .october_proxy file in /plugins/bedard/shop that contains the application URL of your October site.

# start the development server
$ yarn run dev

# build production assets
$ yarn run build

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