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Archived - This is an old project is no longer maintained.

Image of Wallace Carothers stretching Neoprene

Deploy & administer Drupal websites
using Python and Fabric


This is alpha code and is actively being developed and might break your systems. Please test before using on anything you care about.


  • Include this module in your application's to utilize these Drupal specific tasks.


  • Fabric is a Python library for application deployment and system administration tasks. Neoprene is a library that aids in common Drupal deployment and system administration tasks, using Fabric.
  • Neoprene assumes you have Drush installed on your remote and local systems.

Install (required)

Install Python

Links to various tips about this for your OS should go here.

Install Fabric

As of 2013_03_28 you'll need the latest dev version of Fabric. There's a bug in the latest solid release that makes sed not work on a Mac.

To install the dev version do:

pip install paramiko==dev
pip install fabric==dev

Paramiko is a Python SSH library.


Q: Who's that guy in the picture?

A: Why, that's Wallace Carothers stretching a peice of Neoprene. He's the the organic chemist who invented Nylon and helped lay the groundwork for the invention of Neoprene...the material...not this software.

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