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hanu - Go for Slack Bots!

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The Go framework hanu is your best friend to create Slack bots! hanu uses allot for easy command and request parsing (e.g. whisper <word>) and runs fine as a Heroku worker. All you need is a Slack API token and you can create your first bot within seconds! Just have a look at the hanu-example bot or read my tutorial


  • Respond to mentions
  • Respond to direct messages
  • Auto-Generated command list for help
  • Works fine as a worker on Heroku


Use the following example code or the hanu-example bot to get started.

package main

import (


func main() {
	slack, err := hanu.New("SLACK_BOT_API_TOKEN")

	if err != nil {

	Version := "0.0.1"

	slack.Command("shout <word>", func(conv hanu.ConversationInterface) {
		str, _ := conv.String("word")

	slack.Command("whisper <word>", func(conv hanu.ConversationInterface) {
		str, _ := conv.String("word")

	slack.Command("version", func(conv hanu.ConversationInterface) {
		conv.Reply("Thanks for asking! I'm running `%s`", Version)


The example code above connects to Slack using SLACK_BOT_API_TOKEN as the bot's token and can respond to direct messages and mentions for the commands shout <word> , whisper <word> and version.

You don't have to care about help requests, hanu has it built in and will respond with a list of all defined commands on direct messages like this:

/msg @hanu help

Of course this works fine with mentioning you bot's username as well:

@hanu help


Use direct messages for communication:

/msg @hanu version

Or use the bot in a public channel:

@hanu version



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