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Sberbank version of AutoWoE

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This is the repository for AutoWoE library, developed by Sber AI Lab AutoML group. This library can be used for automatic creation of interpretable ML model based on feature binning, WoE features transformation, feature selection and Logistic Regression.

Authors: Vakhrushev Anton, Grigorii Penkin, Alexander Kirilin

Library setup can be done by one of three scenarios below:

  1. Installation from PyPI:
pip install autowoe
  1. Installation from source code

First of all you need to install git and poetry.

# Load LAMA source code
git clone

cd AutoMLWhiteBox/

# !!!Choose only one item!!!

# 1. Recommended: Create virtual environment inside your project directory
poetry config true

# 2. Global installation: Don't create virtual environment
poetry config virtualenvs.create false --local

# For more information read poetry docs

# Install WhiteBox
poetry install

Usage tutorials are in Jupyter notebooks in the repository root. For parameters description take a look at

Bugs / Questions / Suggestions::

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