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Yet Another Game Of Life. Yagol is a Conway's Game of Life sandbox made with ReactJs. Customize the different options then create, share and watch your shapes evolve. This app was created with the excellent create-react-app.

Yagol Intro Animation

See the app site.

Installing Yagol locally

  • Clone this repo
  • In the folder you cloned the repo run npm install
  • Launch the local server (with hot js/css reloading) with npm start (note that it will be less performant than the builded version, see how to use the builded version below)

Build the project and use it locally

  • Install yagol locally (see above)
  • Run npm build
  • You will have to use a local web server and set build/ as your root folder to run Yagol if you want to use the default shapes
  • To do that you can use http-server. install it globally (npm install http-server -g) then set build/ as your current working directory (cd build) then run http-server. The URL where you can access Yagol should be written in your terminal


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