A glTF file viewer in Directx 12
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2 days ago41mitC++
3D engine with modern graphics
Fx Gltf297
a year ago6mitC++
A C++14/C++17 header-only library for simple, efficient, and robust serialization/deserialization of glTF 2.0
3 days ago18apache-2.0C++
Sample projects demonstrating the usage of Diligent Engine
2 years agogpl-3.0C++
Various DirectX12 examples.
6 months ago12apache-2.0C++
A glTF file viewer in Directx 12
20 days agomitC++
Meduza is a personal Game Engine project
a year agoC++
DirectX 12 wrapper
Directx11 Playground3
4 years agomitC++
🌠 Simple app to play around with DirectX with an ECS architecture
Dx Gltf Viewer2
5 years ago1mitC++
Sample code for DirectX viewer for glTF files
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glTF Viewer DX

A viewer of the glTF file format, implemented in DirectX 12

This project aims to realize a software that can load and render files written according to the glTF specification. The software is implemented in C++, DirectX 12 and HLSL.

glTF is a specification from KhronosGroup for a file format that can describe:

  • 3D geometry
  • materials, described according to a shading model defined in the glTF specification
  • animations

The viewer is also able to edit the vertex, geometry and fragment shaders on the fly, to see how the shader code affects the model.

glTF Viewer is an ongoing project actually under development. Check out the project roadmap

Current supported features are:

  • Scenes: scene, nodes hierarchy, node transformation
  • Meshes: geometry, all the attributes are supported (position, normal, tangent, textcoord_0, etc.), instantiation
  • Materials: textures, images, samples, additional maps (normal, occlusion, emission)
  • Shading model

Unsupported (yet) features

  • Ray Tracing
  • Sparse accessors
  • Animations
  • Skinning
  • Morphing
  • Cameras
  • Interpolation

Click on the image will show a short video of the application.

A video of the application:

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