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A multi-platform command-line downloader optimized for speed and early preview, based on libcurl.

saldl splits a download into fixed-sized chunks and download them in-order with multiple concurrent connections. Classic modes (single chunk single connection, no. of chunks = no. of connections) are also available as options.

More than 57 command-line options are available to customize saldl's behavior.


Detailed documentation is available in the form of a manual page.


Users Chat & Questions

FlashGot integration

Check out the README and the scripts in the flashgot directory.


   -s4m => set chunk_size to 4 MiB.
   -c4  => use 4 concurrent connections.
   -l4  => download the last 4 chunks first.

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  • Runtime Dependencies

  • libcurl >= 7.55

  • libevent + libevent_pthreads >= 2.0.20

  • Build Dependencies

  • GCC or Clang

  • python (for waf)

  • Optional Build Dependencies

  • git (to get the current version).

  • asciidoc (to build the manual).

Note: docbook-xsl should be installed too if it's not already a dependency of asciidoc. While this is theoritically not necessary, falling back to getting XSL stylesheets directly from SourceForge seems to be unreliable nowadays.


saldl has been tested on GNU/Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OSX, and Windows.

saldl should build and run successfully on all POSIX platforms. If anyone runs into any build failures, reporting them would be highly appreciated.


  • General

Run ./waf --help first and check out the available options.

A typical example would be:

./waf configure --prefix=/usr


./waf install --destdir=${pkgdir}
  • Arch Linux

saldl is available in the AUR.

  • Mac OSX

saldl can be installed with Homebrew.

For the latest release, run:

  brew install saldl

For the latest GIT head, run:

  brew install --HEAD saldl

Note: saldl will be linked against system libcurl if the Mac OSX version installed is Yosemite (10.10) or newer. Pass --with-curl if you want to link against the latest libcurl release provided by Homebrew.


  • MSYS2/Cygwin


Note: Building against the MSYS2 runtime (or Cygwin's) is necessary for saldl to work correctly in mintty.

  • MinGW-w64/Native

Experimental binaries are now available in the releases page.

saldl requires a terminal emulator with support for ANSI/VT100 escape sequences (e.g. ConEmu or ansicon).

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