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.NEXT (dotNext) is a set of powerful libraries aimed to improve development productivity and extend .NET API with unique features. Some of these features are planned in future releases of .NET platform but already implemented in the library:

Proposal Implementation
Interop between function pointer and delegate DelegateHelpers factory methods
Check if an instance of T is a default(T) IsDefault() method
Concept Types Documentation
Expression Trees covering additional language constructs, i.e. foreach, await, patterns, multi-line lambda expressions Metaprogramming
Async Locks Documentation
High-performance general purpose Write-Ahead Log Persistent Log
Memory-mapped file as Memory<byte> MemoryMappedFileExtensions
Memory-mapped file as ReadOnlySequence<byte> ReadOnlySequenceAccessor

Quick overview of additional features:

All these things are implemented in 100% managed code on top of existing .NET API without modifications of Roslyn compiler or CoreFX libraries.

Quick Links

Documentation for older versions:

What's new

Release Date: 02-26-2021

DotNext.Net.Cluster 3.0.1

  • Minor performance optimizations of Raft heartbeat processing

DotNext.AspNetCore.Cluster 3.0.1

  • Unexpected HTTP response received from Raft RPC call cannot crash the node anymore (see 54)

DotNext.Augmentation IL weaver add-on for MSBuild is no longer supported.

Changelog for previous versions located here.

Release & Support Policy

The libraries are versioned according with Semantic Versioning 2.0.

Version .NET compatibility Support Level
0.x .NET Standard 2.0 Not Supported
1.x .NET Standard 2.0 Not Supported
2.x .NET Standard 2.1 Maintenance (EOL 02/28/2021)
3.x .NET Standard 2.1, .NET 5 Active Development

Maintenance support level means that new releases will contain bug fixes only.

Development Process

Philosophy of development process:

  1. All libraries in .NEXT family are available for the wide range of .NET implementations: Mono, Xamarin, .NET Core, .NET
  2. Compatibility with AOT compiler should be checked for every release
  3. Minimize set of dependencies
  4. Provide high-quality documentation
  5. Stay cross-platform
  6. Provide benchmarks

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