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The Sake command line interface.

Install this globally and you'll have access to the sake command anywhere on your system.

npm install -g sake-cli

Note: The job of the sake command is to load and run the version of Sake you have installed locally to your project, irrespective of its version.

Installing sake locally

If you prefer the idiomatic Node.js method to get started with a project (npm install && npm test) then install sake locally with npm install sake-cli --save-dev. Then add a script to your package.json to run the associated Sake task: "scripts": { "test": "sake test" }. Now npm test will use the locally installed ./node_modules/.bin/sake executable to run your Sake tasks.

To read more about npm scripts, please visit the npm docs.


Sake ships with a simple completion function for zsh which can autocomplete available task names:

fpath=( path/to/comp/_sake $fpath )
comdef _sake sake



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