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A WIP module aimed at providing a safer, easier to use and beginner friendly crypto API for Node.js


  1. Make crypto easy to use.
  2. Make crypto safe to use.
  3. Require as little crypto-specific knowledge as possible.


  • [ ] Symmetric Encryption, Decryption and AEAD
  • [ ] Asymmetric Encryption and Decryption
  • [X] Asymmetric Signing and Verification of signatures
  • [X] Cryptographic hashing
  • [X] Password-based key derivation
  • [X] Password hashing and verification
  • [ ] Random number generation


$ npm install easy-crypto


Importing the module itself will return undefined since the behavior of the entire module is broken down into a set of intent-based submodules.

const password = require('easy-crypto/password');

const hashedPassword = password.hashPasswordSync('correct horse battery staple');
fs.writeFileSync('myfile', hashedPassword); // Ideally, store it in a database.

For an exhaustive list of all submodules and their members, check out the API docs



Copyright (c) 2019 Ujjwal Sharma


This module is currently a work-in-progress. Please do not use it in production until before the 1.0.0 release since the API may break or might as well be outright unusable to unsafe.

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