Ukraine War Heatmap

Alternatives To Ukraine War Heatmap
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7 days ago7mitPython
🪐 End-to-end NLP workflows from prototype to production
2 days ago6August 18, 20217apache-2.0Python
📊 Semantic search for headlines and story text
a year agomitPython
A Reddit bot that summarizes news articles written in Spanish or English. It uses a custom built algorithm to rank words and sentences.
Comments Generator57
a year agomitPython
A Reddit bot that generates new context-aware comments using Markov chains trained from a set of given users or subreddits comments history.
9 months ago2apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Hybrid Conversational Bot based on both neural retrieval and neural generative mechanism with TTS.
Predict Subreddit32
9 days agoapache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
NLP model that predicts subreddit based on the title of a post
Redditcleaner3113 years ago4April 14, 2020mitPython
Cleans Reddit Text Data :scroll: :broom:
2 years ago1otherPython
Evaluating Machines by their Real-World Language Use
Pydata2019 Nlp System17
4 years ago1apache-2.0Python
Source code, materials and notebooks for the workshop @ PyData London 2019 -
7 months agomitJupyter Notebook
Reddit Gender Text-Classification.
Alternatives To Ukraine War Heatmap
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Ukraine War Map/Heatmap

This project takes submissions about Ukraine from subreddits like r/CombatFootage, r/UkraineWarVideoReport, r/ukraine, r/worldnews, r/UkraineInvasionVideos and r/UkrainevRussia and translates them into a heatmap where most of the stuff related to the war in Ukraine is happening. You can see that heatmap here. It updates every 30 minutes.

It's over

The heatmap is sadly not a good way of visualizing the war in ukraine, and activity on reddit is slowly dying. For these reasons I decided to shut the automatic updates down.

Support Ukraine

  • Read this reddit post from r/ukraine for a big list of charities to donate to
  • Do not spread misinformation and do report misinformation
  • You can help the IT ARMY of Ukraine to fight against russia (at your own risk)
  • Checkout all the other projects on github related to ukraine and the invasion

How to run

  1. Install dependencies with pip install dotenv geopy praw

    NOTE: You will also have to install my folium fork.

  2. Create .env file and populate it with:

    REDDIT_USERNAME=<your reddit username>
    REDDIT_PASSWORD=<your reddit password>
    REDDIT_API_ID=<your reddit application id>
    REDDIT_API_SECRECT=<your reddit application secret>
  3. Create the empty directory data/historic

  4. Run with python src/

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