A python toolbox for GPS data processing
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Sunrisesunsetlib Java2525216 years ago2December 17, 201425apache-2.0Java
Library for computing the sunrise/sunset from GPS coordinates and a date, in Java.
5 years agomitJava
AndroidEasyUtils is a simple android library that contains some utils method which is much more needed when working in any android project. Categories are - Validators, Dialog, Progress Dialog, Connectivity, Date Time, Bitmaps, HashMap and Others.
Ruby Serialgps14
6 years ago3Ruby
Provides an easy API to get GPS data from your serial GPS module.
3 days agogpl-3.0C++
Photo geotagging program
21 days agogpl-3.0Python
python3 module for downloading and maintaining files from gmax server on local machine.
2 years agoJava
5 years agogpl-3.0Shell
Automatically organizes pictures and videos based on taken dates and GPS coordinates.
3 years ago41Kotlin
App showing the latest hearthquake event from USGS site.
3 years agomitJavaScript
Applications Mazda
7 years agoC++
iOS for FCSProjectAirMap
Alternatives To Bhulan
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An opensource python library for GPS data processing Bhulan enables quick processing of raw gps data to identify properties of a vehicle's movements within the given gps trace. Using the api, you can identify a vehicle's route, stops, duration of stops, schedules, and clusters of service among other properties.

base requirements


  • use the file to setup the following initializing parameters:
    • File Directory - directory location of the GPS files to be processed
    • File Extension - extension of the file. This will determine how the system imports the file. Currently supporting excel files. Future iterations will have support for csv files
  • run to import trucks, compute properties, and compute stops

import file format

  • the gps data to be processed by bhulan must be provided in a designated format
  • the input files must contain the following columns in the given format:
    • vehicle id - unique identifier of the vehicle
    • date and time - the date and time of the record. the date must be provided in ISO 8601 format
    • latitude - the current latitude of the vehicle location
    • longitude - the current longitude of the vehicle location
    • direction - the direction of the vehicle
    • velocity - the current observed velocity of the vehicle
    • temperature - the current outside temperature

refer to the sample file in the sampledata folder.

internal date formats - datenum

A pseudo indicator for date called DateNum is used to make processing of dates easy. DateNum is calculated as below:

Datenum = month_num * 31 + day_of_month

For June 30th, the month_num will be 6 while day_of_month will be 30. Therefore the datenum for June 30th will be 216.

key properties

  • Truck Points (getTruckPoints) - returns all the truck points for a given truck (truckId). It will return the points for that day if date is proved (datenum)
  • Stops for Truck and Date (getStopsFromTruckDate) – returns all stops for that truck and date
  • Stop Properties for Truck and Date (getStopPropsFromTruckDate) – returns all stop properties for that truck and date
  • Truck Schedule for Date (getTruckScheduleForDay) – returns a truck schedule for a given day – schedule is the order of stops for that day.
  • Find Potential DC Locations (findPotentialDCs) – returns the estimated location of a Distribution Center based on the stop data
  • Total Distance Traveled for Truck and Date (getTotalDistanceTraveled) - returns the total distance traveled for a truck on a given day
  • Total Time on Road for Truck and Date (getTotalTimeOnRoad) - returns the total time on road traveled for a truck on a given day
  • Average Speed for Truck and Date (getAverageSpeedByDatenum) - returns the average speed on road for truck on a given day
  • Address for Stops (getAddressForStop) - returns the reverse geocoded address for a stop

stop and stop properties

  • A Stop is the 20 meter geographical radius where we have observed multiple gps points from a truck for greater than 10 minutes.
  • A StopProperty contains details of each observed point within a Stop (20 meter radius location).
  • A stop will have multiple stop properties.
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