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Awesome Open Source

Autopwn™ GitHub release Support

A simple bash based metasploit automation tool!

With just a few clicks, own any android or windows device!!

autopwn in action

Autopwn in action


This tool is purely for educational purposes, If you end up in any legal trouble and point a finger at me, I'll just laugh at you :) The user is responsible for his/her own actions

Update: GitHub release

  • Changed the name from Autopreter to Autopwn™
  • System-wide installation (just enter Autopwn in the terminal from any directory!!)
  • Added eternalblue exploit


Please note that ngrok is not not a necessity and is required only for performing over the internet (WAN) attack!


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Donate generously! Support

Future Updates

  • More exploits to be added
  • Windows host support to be added soon

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