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Gron provides a clear syntax for writing and deploying cron jobs.


  • Minimalist APIs for scheduling jobs.
  • Thread safety.
  • Customizable Job Type.
  • Customizable Schedule.


$ go get


Create schedule.go

package main

import (

func main() {
	c := gron.New()
	c.AddFunc(gron.Every(1*time.Hour), func() {
		fmt.Println("runs every hour.")

Schedule Parameters

All scheduling is done in the machine's local time zone (as provided by the Go time package).

Setup basic periodic schedule with gron.Every().


Also support Day, Week by importing gron/xtime:

import ""

gron.Every(1 * xtime.Day)
gron.Every(1 * xtime.Week)

Schedule to run at specific time with .At(hh:mm)

gron.Every(30 * xtime.Day).At("00:00")
gron.Every(1 * xtime.Week).At("23:59")

Custom Job Type

You may define custom job types by implementing gron.Job interface: Run().

For example:

type Reminder struct {
	Msg string

func (r Reminder) Run() {

After job has defined, instantiate it and schedule to run in Gron.

c := gron.New()
r := Reminder{ "Feed the baby!" }
c.Add(gron.Every(8*time.Hour), r)

Custom Job Func

You may register Funcs to be executed on a given schedule. Gron will run them in their own goroutines, asynchronously.

c := gron.New()
c.AddFunc(gron.Every(1*time.Second), func() {
	fmt.Println("runs every second")

Custom Schedule

Schedule is the interface that wraps the basic Next method: Next(p time.Duration) time.Time

In gron, the interface value Schedule has the following concrete types:

  • periodicSchedule. adds time instant t to underlying period p.
  • atSchedule. reoccurs every period p, at time components(hh:mm).

For more info, checkout schedule.go.

Full Example

package main

import (

type PrintJob struct{ Msg string }

func (p PrintJob) Run() {

func main() {

	var (
		// schedules
		daily     = gron.Every(1 * xtime.Day)
		weekly    = gron.Every(1 * xtime.Week)
		monthly   = gron.Every(30 * xtime.Day)
		yearly    = gron.Every(365 * xtime.Day)

		// contrived jobs
		purgeTask = func() { fmt.Println("purge aged records") }
		printFoo  = printJob{"Foo"}
		printBar  = printJob{"Bar"}

	c := gron.New()

	c.Add(daily.At("12:30"), printFoo)
	c.AddFunc(weekly, func() { fmt.Println("Every week") })

	// Jobs may also be added to a running Gron
	c.Add(monthly, printBar)
	c.AddFunc(yearly, purgeTask)

	// Stop Gron (running jobs are not halted).

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