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Awesome Open Source

The Password Manager v1.3

Travis license PyPI

  • No internet required ( No worries for passwords leak online )
  • Bruteforce it ? ( Not Possible )
  • Encrypts your stored data with AES-256
  • Provides Password strength while Generation with length and randomness of the passwords.
The importance of randomness ?

Some password generators on the Internet create long, but very "simple" passwords. i.e, they might generate passwords that are a concatenation of English words and number like "Spoon2Gobbler". We do not recommend using those. Such passwords make it very easy for attackers to perform a "dictionary" attack on your password. Even "words" that are not real words, but phonetically appealing, make for weaker passwords. It is always best to passwords comprised of random bits of data that nobody can possibly guess. Make them truly random and cracking them becomes extremely difficult.

Changelogs ( v.1.3 )

  • Stable & Tested version.
  • EXE released for Password Generator, Password Vault Viewer
  • Many Minor issues fixed in version 1.3

Installation Guide Read Carefully

Downloading The Password Manager tool

Installing "Python & Required modules"


Goto _core directory and Open CMD & run python

thats should do the rest of configuration work!
Just enter the Main Password, CipherKey
Make sure CipherKey is 16 letter long
Remember: will require admin privilege for access the windows registry to add Key's for Right-Click access to Password Generator


User can attempt 3 times for login, after that .db file will be moved to to C:\users\username\appdata\roaming so password manager won't work untill you move that file back.



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