Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Quality over Quantity :)


What to do?

  1. Add some unique and amazing projects as per your favourite tech stack for the community to get benifitted. Add your projects under the respective tech stack folder only

  2. It can be any of any length and can be any number of scripts, just add a folder with your projects name.

  3. There is no need to raise an issue to add your project, you can directly raise a PR.

  4. While raising a PR, make sure to fill the description and checklist as per the description template following your project's specification & delete all the irrelevant checkboxes.


To resolve all the merge conflicts:

  1. Do not add your names in the contributor's list, we will do that on our own.

  2. Make sure to add a file with your project's description inside your project's folder. From now onwards, no need to add the project description in file, instead so as mentioned above.

What's next?

If there are some conflicts, just fetch upstream to update your remote repo and then raise PR.


Our hardworking Collaborators/Pull Request Reviewers

Our valuable Contributors

-[Your name](your-github_url or linkedlin-url) : Don't edit this template

All the best for Hacktoberfest :)

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