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Combining A Deep Reinforced Model for Abstractive Summarization and Get To The Point: Summarization with Pointer-Generator Networks

Model Description

  • LSTM based Sequence-to-Sequence model for Abstractive Summarization
  • Pointer mechanism for handling Out of Vocabulary (OOV) words See et al. (2017)
  • Intra-temporal and Intra-decoder attention for handling repeated words Paulus et al. (2018)
  • Self-critic policy gradient training along with MLE training Paulus et al. (2018)


  • Pytorch
  • Tensorflow
  • Python 2 & 3
  • rouge


  • Download train and valid pairs (article, title) of OpenNMT provided Gigaword dataset from here
  • Copy files train.article.txt, train.title.txt, valid.article.filter.txtand valid.title.filter.txt to data/unfinished folder
  • Files are already preprcessed

Creating .bin files and vocab file

  • The model accepts data in the form of .bin files.
  • To convert .txt file into .bin file and chunk them further, run (requires Python 2 & Tensorflow):
  • You will find the data in data/chunked folder and vocab file in data folder


  • As suggested in Paulus et al. (2018), first pretrain the seq-to-seq model using MLE (with Python 3):
python --train_mle=yes --train_rl=no --mle_weight=1.0
  • Next, find the best saved model on validation data by running (with Python 3):
python --task=validate --start_from=0005000.tar
  • After finding the best model (lets say 0100000.tar) with high rouge-l f score, load it and run (with Python 3):
python --train_mle=yes --train_rl=yes --mle_weight=0.25 --load_model=0100000.tar --new_lr=0.0001

for MLE + RL training (or)

python --train_mle=no --train_rl=yes --mle_weight=0.0 --load_model=0100000.tar --new_lr=0.0001

for RL training


  • To perform validation of RL training, run (with Python 3):
python --task=validate --start_from=0100000.tar


  • After finding the best model of RL training (lets say 0200000.tar), evaluate it on test data & get all rouge metrics by running (with Python 3):
python --task=test --load_model=0200000.tar


  • Rouge scores obtained by using best MLE trained model on test set:
    scores: {
    'rouge-1': {'f': 0.4412018559893622, 'p': 0.4814799494024485, 'r': 0.4232331027817015},
    'rouge-2': {'f': 0.23238981595683728, 'p': 0.2531296070596062, 'r': 0.22407861554997008},
    'rouge-l': {'f': 0.40477682528278364, 'p': 0.4584684491434479, 'r': 0.40351107200202596}

  • Rouge scores obtained by using best MLE + RL trained model on test set:
    scores: {
    'rouge-1': {'f': 0.4499047033247696, 'p': 0.4853756369556345, 'r': 0.43544461386607497},
    'rouge-2': {'f': 0.24037014314625643, 'p': 0.25903387205387235, 'r': 0.23362662645146298},
    'rouge-l': {'f': 0.41320241732946406, 'p': 0.4616655167980162, 'r': 0.4144419466382236}

  • Training log file is included in the repository


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