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Driver for UVC compatible webcams, which can also be used together with the Gumstix camera e-CAM32 OMAP GSTIX. Driver uses v4l2 for direct configurations and GStreamer for image-requesting. DSP-accelerated jpeg-conversion is supported (see for details).
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Webcam Capture2,109315226 months ago10January 17, 2018290mitJava
The goal of this project is to allow integrated or USB-connected webcams to be accessed directly from Java. Using provided libraries users are able to read camera images and detect motion. Main project consist of several sub projects - the root one, which contains required classes, build-in webcam driver compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, which can stream images as fast as your camera can serve them (up to 50 FPS). Main project can be used standalone, but user is able to replace build-in driver with different one - such as OpenIMAJ, GStreamer, V4L4j, JMF, LTI-CIVIL, FMJ, etc.
Webcam Filters518
21 days ago11September 30, 202111gpl-3.0Python
Add filters (background blur, etc) to your webcam on Linux.
Obs Gstreamer280
4 months agogpl-2.0C
GStreamer OBS Studio plugin
12 days ago17gpl-3.0Python
A QR code scanner desktop app for Linux
9 years agoC
Beaglebone-based IP camera.
Av Caster77
5 years ago25otherC++
A light-weight native gStreamer GUI for screencast, webcam, and audio recording and streaming
Livecam39615 years ago3May 31, 20162lgpl-3.0JavaScript
Webcam live-streaming solution using GStreamer and Node.js
3 years ago2C
Allows multiplexing access to webcams such that more than one application can read video from a single piece of hardware at a time.
4 years ago
Praxis LIVE example patches
6 years ago1gpl-3.0C++
Open camera by OpenCV and send it to gstreamer
Alternatives To Drivers Camera_usb
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Driver for UVC compatible webcams. Also tested with the Gumstix camera e-CAM32 OMAP GSTIX. This driver uses 4vl2 for direct configurations and GStreamer for image-requesting and jpeg-conversion.

Formerly this driver used a precompiled GStreamer packet (see for details). Currently the system libraries are used (tested for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS i686 and Debian 6.0.2 armv7l) and (on the Gumstix) the cross-compiled gst-dsp copied to /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10. The driver uses non-accelerated jpeg-conversion if gst-dsp is not available.

NOTE This directory structure follows some simple rules, to allow for generic build processes and simplify reuse of this project.

For build automation the project structure should be parsed and validated

STRUCTURE -- src/ Contains all header (.h/.hpp) and source files -- build/ The target directory for the build process, temporary content -- bindings/ Language bindings for this package, e.g. put into subfolders such as |-- ruby/ Ruby language bindings -- viz/ Source files for a vizkit plugin / widget related to this library -- resources/ General resources such as images that are needed by the program -- configuration/ Configuration files for running the program -- external/ When including software that needs a non standard installation process, or one that can be easily embedded include the external software directly here -- doc/ should contain the existing doxygen file: doxygen.conf

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