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Alexa Cookbook




These folders contain short code samples that show you how to add features to an Alexa Skill. Let's assume we are a chef, with an idea for a fancy new recipe. The recipe will require one or more ingredients to be combined to create the finished product. Alexa skills follow the same model. Basic ingredients can be added together to create a robust skill. This Cookbook is a desk reference for other Alexa Skill design materials.

Get Started

  1. Register via the links on
  2. Build the Space Facts skill via the README instructions, or follow along with the instructor if at an Alexa event.
  3. Follow the HelloWorld tutorial.
  4. Feel free to add your own Intents & Handlers to make your skill unique.
  5. Test your skill via EchoSim.
  6. Browse other guides in the Tutorials folder



  • Some experience with Javascript or Python programming.
  • Have Node.JS on your laptop command-line, and become familiar with NPM, the Node Package Manager.
  • Have GIT on your laptop.
  • Review the alexa-sdk documentation.
Setup your Dev Workstation - optional

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