Generate an USB stick with multiple boot systems and options.
Alternatives To Mkrescue
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3 days ago470gpl-3.0C
A new bootable USB solution.
a day ago11gpl-3.0C
The Reliable USB Formatting Utility
3 years ago1mitAssembly
Floppy Bird (OS)
a month ago214bsd-3-clauseShell
helloSystem Live and installation ISO
9 months ago11gpl-3.0Shell
A bash program to securely create a bootable USB device from one image file.
3 years ago1gpl-3.0Shell
💰 USB flash drive ISO image for Ethereum, Zcash and Monero mining with NVIDIA graphics cards and Ubuntu GNU/Linux (headless)
7 hours ago27Shell
GRUB Live ISO Multiboot
3 years ago88gpl-3.0Shell
A collection of GRUB files and scripts that will allow you to create a pendrive capable of booting different ISO files
17 days ago25gpl-3.0Kotlin
An application to write OS images to USB drives, on Android, no root required.
Super Uefiinsecureboot Disk446
a year ago3
Super UEFIinSecureBoot Disk: Boot any OS or .efi file without disabling UEFI Secure Boot
Alternatives To Mkrescue
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Collection of scripts to generate a bootable USB stick with multiple boot choices.

The main purpose is to install bootable ISO files, currently supporting systems based on ISOLINUX or Windows installation disks.

Quick How-To

To install one of the pre-configured choices, just run the desired script with the USB device as argument. Most of the included targets automatically download the required images.

To create a generic USB stick with rescue and Linux systems:

$ ./create-generic-usb-stick /dev/sdX

To create an RNL-specific USB stick, including Labs bootstrap and Windows install ISO entries:

$ ./create-rnl-usb-stick /dev/sdX

Warning: The Windows ISO is not distributed here, nor is it automatically downloaded. You must manually acquire it through your available legal channel.

To create other combinations just run mkrescue with the desired scripts, for example:

$ ./mkrescue /dev/sdX targets/ targets/

How to add new targets

The core functionality is abstracted from the actual details of each boot entry. Each entry and/or partition is created by one of the scripts in the targets directory.

A standard ISOLINUX/Windows ISO can be installed using the following script:

NAME="Boot menu title"


DOWNLOAD_URL="generic ISO download URL"
# or

By only defining these variables, the type of ISO (ISOLINUX or Windows) is automatically detected and the default procedures for each are executed.

Certain functions can also be defined in the script, overriding the default behaviour of the pre-defined functions.

Required variables

Variable Description
NAME The name used on the boot menu and script output

Optional variables

Variable Description
PART_NAME If defined, a partition with this name will be created
DOWNLOAD_URL URL to update an ISO file
ISO_FILE Local ISO file to use instead of download
SYSLINUX_DIR Override the default syslinux top-level directory
SYSLINUX_BIN Override the system syslinux binary

Functions that may be overridden

Function Default behaviour
run Auto detect and install an ISOLINUX or Windows ISO
customize Nothing
update_iso Updates ISO from URL in DOWNLOAD_URL

Available functions for use

Function Arguments Description
update_file_always URL, File name Always download the URL given
download_file URL, File name Download file if not yet present
check_previous_install Partition, Mount directory Set INSTALLED_VERSION to the version present on the partition
remove_partitions_since Partition number Removes all partitions equal to or above the given partition number
create_partition_MiB Name, Size Creates a new partition with the given name and size
format Device, Name Format the device/partition with vfat

Accessory functions for use

Function Description
quote_output Pipe output to this to show in the terminal with a different color
msg Print text for normal running output with nice formatting and colors
error Print an error message and abort the script
warning Print a non-fatal warning message using noticeable text
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