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datasist: Python library for easy data analysis, visualization, exploration and modeling

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What is it?

datasist is a python package providing fast, quick, and an abstracted interface to popular and frequently used functions or techniques relating to data analysis, visualization, data exploration, feature engineering, Computer, NLP, Deep Learning, modeling, model deployment etc.


pip install datasist

Installation from source (Developers)

To install datasist from source you need python 3.6> in addition to the normal dependencies above.

Run the following command in a terminal/command prompt

git clone
cd datasist
python install

Alternatively, you can use install with pip after cloning, if you want all the dependencies pulled in automatically (the -e option is for installing it in [development mode]:

git clone
cd datasist
pip install -e .


Full documentaion can be found here

Contributing to datasist

All contributions, bug reports, bug fixes, documentation improvements, enhancements and ideas are welcome.

If you would like to contribute to datasist, find a detailed contribution guide here.

Using Datasist

Quick start guide

Tutorial guide

Youtube Videos

Introduction to using Datasist, presented at NeuRips Meetup - PH. Click Here

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