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Clone (~1000) repos matched to query on GitHub using Search API
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A git based labeling app to manage notes, documents, and bookmarks.
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Clone matching repos on GitHub

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$ github-clone-all [flags] {query}

github-clone-all is a small command to clone all repositories matching to the given query and language via GitHub Search API. To know the detail of query, please read official document for GitHub Repository Search. The query should be in GitHub search syntax and cannot be empty. It clones many repositories in parallel. Please see -help option to know all flags.

Repositories re cloned to 'dest' directory. It is ./repos by default and can be specified with -dest flag. And in order to reduce size of cloned repositories, -extract option is available. -extract only leaves files matching to the given regular expression in cloned repository.

Because of restriction of GitHub search API, the max number of results is 1000 repositories. And you may need to get GitHub API token in advance to avoid hitting API rate limit. github-clone-all will refer the token via -token flag or $GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable.

All arguments in {query} are regarded as query. For example, github-clone-all foo bar will search foo bar. But quoting the query is recommended to avoid conflicting with shell special characters as github-clone-all 'foo bar'.


Use go install or released binaries.

$ go install[email protected]
$ github-clone-all


$ github-clone-all -extract '(\.vim|vimrc)$' 'language:vim fork:false stars:>1'

The above command will clone first 1000 repositories into ./repos directory directory. And it only leaves files whose file name ends with .vim or vimrc. So it collects many Vim script files from famous repositories on GitHub.

Query condition:

  • language is 'vim'
  • not a fork repo
  • stars of repo is more than 1
$ github-clone-all -count 1 'language:javascript'

The above command will clone the most popular repository of JavaScript on GitHub.

$ github-clone-all -dry 'language:go'

The above command will only list up most popular 1000 repositories of Go instead of cloning them.

$ github-clone-all -deep -ssh 'user:YOUR_USER_NAME fork:false'

The above command will clone all your repositories (except for forks) with full history. It's useful when you want to clone all your repositories.

How to get GitHub API token

  1. Visit settings/tokens in a browser
  2. Click 'Generate new token'
  3. Add token description
  4. Without checking any checkbox, click 'Generate token'
  5. Generated token is shown at the top of your tokens list

Use github-clone-all programmatically

github-clone-all consists of tiny main.go and ghca package. You can import ghca to utilize functions of the tool.

import ""

Please read documentation for more details.


MIT license

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