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nclib is a python socket library that wants to be your friend.

nclib provides:

  • Easy-to-use interfaces for connecting to and listening on TCP and UDP sockets

  • The ability to handle any python stream-like object with a single interface

  • A better socket class, the Netcat object

    • Convenient receive methods for common socket usage patterns
    • Highly customizable logging
    • Interactive mode, connecting the socket to your stdin/stdout
    • Intelligent detection of socket closes and connection drops
    • Long-running functions cleanly abortable with ctrl-c
    • Lots of aliases in case you forget the right method name
  • Mechanisms to launch processes with their in/out streams connected to sockets

    • Launch a process with gdb attached
  • TCP and UDP server classes for writing simple python daemons

  • A script to easily daemonize command-line programs

If you are familiar with pwntools, nclib provides much of the functionaly that pwntools' socket wrappers do, but with the bonus feature of not being pwntools.


.. code-block:: bash

pip install nclib


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