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Babel Godot plugin

This is a plugin for Babel, the internationalization library, that adds support for scene files from the Godot game engine.


Install Babel and this plugin:

pip install Babel Babel-Godot


Using a mapping file like this:

[python: **.gd]
encoding = utf-8
extract_messages = tr

[godot_scene: **.tscn]
encoding = utf-8

[godot_resource: **.tres]
encoding = utf-8

you can extract messages to be translated from your .gd, .tres, and .tscn files using:

pybabel extract -F babel_mapping_file -k Label/text -k Resource/catchphrase -k tr -o translations.pot .

You can then create .po files from the POT catalog using Poedit, or online services such as Crowdin, Transifex, or Weblate.

See testproject/ in the repository for an example.

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