A series of Kubernetes walk-throughs
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Victoriametrics8,612410 hours ago174September 08, 2022664apache-2.0Go
VictoriaMetrics: fast, cost-effective monitoring solution and time series database
K8s Mastery854
5 months ago18JavaScript
Repository for the article "Learn Kubernetes in Under 3 Hours"
7 months ago25July 05, 202222apache-2.0Go
Kvass is a Prometheus horizontal auto-scaling solution , which uses Sidecar to generate special config file only containes part of targets assigned from Coordinator for every Prometheus shard.
Kubernetes 101474
a month ago13mitHTML
Kubernetes 101 - by Jeff Geerling
4 years ago1mitPython
A series of Kubernetes walk-throughs
Hands On Kubernetes47
8 months ago
Hands-On Kubernetes Webinar Series Materials
V3io Tsdb3133 months ago90November 30, 2021apache-2.0Go
iguazio API lib for time-series DB access and Prometheus TSDB storage driver
5 years agootherC#
Getting To Know K8s29
6 years agomitShell
Getting to Know K8s Blog Series
Aks Learning Series27
2 years ago1gpl-3.0C#
Repository for Code related to AKS learning series Hands on Labs
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A Kubernetes series

Docker, Kubernetes + the database.

Here we showcase the evolution of a simple web application as we learn Docker and Kubernetes. Our only contraint is to try use Kubernetes through all our environments while we evolve the application from a development enviroment to a production environment and add different pieces as we go.

Why Kubernetes

To deploy, scale and manage containerized applications.

Articles based on the ks series


Structure of this repo

  • Each ksx folder (ks1, ks2, ...) contains a working example of the app we are building in this series.
  • They are all incremental, so ksn is based on ksn-1, etc..
  • instructions of each item of this series is in the ksx.md file.

Getting started

  1. clone ks repo

    git clone https://github.com/red-gate/ks.git
  2. start following the series or go directly to the one you are interested in.

Evolution of our app

  1. ks1: build a React app with kubernetes
  2. ks2: make minikube detect React code changes
  3. ks3: add a python web server that hosts an API
  4. ks4: make minikube detect Python code changes
  5. ks5: use helm to deploy the application
  6. ks6: create a test environment using helm
  7. ks7: create an in memory Todo list application
  8. ks8-1: create a database in the K8S cluster for the Todo list data
  9. ks8-2: use a database external to the K8s cluster for the Todo list data
  10. ...
  11. create a prod environment
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