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Reconmap CLI

Command line interface for the Reconmap pentest automation and reporting tool.


Run instructions


./rmap config set --api-url
./rmap config view

Make sure you replace with your actual API URL. Users from our SaaS offering should enter something like

Logging in and out

./rmap login -u admin -p ******

./rmap logout

Security commands

To search for a task

./rmap task search -k "check domain"

To search for a command to run

./rmap command search -k amass

To execute a command once you know its arguments

./rmap command run -cid 2 -var

(if you are using Docker containers with your commands you require the Docker engine with API version 1.40)

Build instructions


  • Golang 1.17+
  • Make




Error response from daemon: client version 1.XX is too new. Maximum supported API version is 1.40

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