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Meetup Planning 📆

Want to give a talk? Or maybe you have a talk in mind that someone else could present?
✨ Open a new github issue to get started. ✨

🏳️‍🌈 Community Participation

The meetup is run by folk in the community, so please feel encouraged to jump in on any talk submissions or requests that you think you can add value to 🙏.

📬 Job Postings

We're happy to help the industry grow, so if you're from a company that has a position opening related to React, then feel welcome to create a posting. Organisers will highlight the posting during future meetup events.

Current Job Postings
Guide for Job Posters

ReactBris does accomodate transparent job postings. 👍
ReactBris doesn't accomodate opaque or vague recruitment. 👎

💎 "Transparent" Job Postings

Disclose the organisation name behind the job.


Good 👍: Deliberate company name disclosure and job details

These are provided as examples, they're pretty sweet, but we aren't attributed to the companies :).

No good 🚫: "Opaque" or "vague" recruitment messages

These show a distinct disconnect from the community, which we're not about :).

"Hey all, I am looking for a frontend developer with react experience. Kindly check ( ) for more details."

"Hey Peeps,Full Stack role available. Stack Laravel/React. Min 3 years commercial exp with PHP. email [email protected] thanks"

📖 Where to post?

On our reactbris/meetups github repo, as new Issues!

Choose the "Job Posting" option from our Issue Templates.

😬 Expectations on

No job posting in the Discussions section of! This is a community-stuff only section.

The meetup organisers will take down job ads from Discussions. 👈

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