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React Native Elements App

React Native Elements App

Mobile App

This is the Demo app for React Native Elements built with Expo. The purpose of this app is to demonstrate the usage of the various UI components that React Native Elements provides out of the box.

This app also works on the web platform using React Native Web. You can check out the live website here. If you are looking to build a React Native mobile app which can reuse the code to deploy it on the web, this is the right place to begin. We decided to use Expo, which reduces the effort required to build an app once and deploy it anywhere.

Getting Started

Run it locally

  1. Install Expo CLI
[sudo] npm install -g expo-cli

If permissions errors then please use --unsafe-perm=true flag too npm/npm#16766

  1. Clone the project
git clone
  1. Install dependencies
cd react-native-elements-app

# Using yarn
yarn install

# Using npm
npm install
  1. Run the cross-platform app (uses Expo)
# Using yarn
yarn start

# Using npm
npm start

Deploy Web App

First you must set correct publicPath in app.web-build.json. Next you must build the web app using:

yarn build:web

Once you have built it, you can see generated web-build folder.

This folder can be hosted as static website. For example, you can publish on Github Pages via gh-pages cli.

yarn deploy

Note: Don't forget to add or change "homepage" key in your package.json!


The mobile app is built using Expo. If you would like to eject, you can run the following command:

# Using Yarn
yarn eject

# Using npm
npm run eject

We highly recommend you read the official Expo ejection docs before proceeding, as the action of ejecting is not reversible.

Major contributors:

React Native Elements

This app is built using React Native Elements. React Native Elements is a UI toolkit for React Native that provides you with production ready UI components so that you can focus on building the part that makes your app unique as opposed to reinvent the UI wheel. Aiding rapid development and pragmatic design, React Native Elements is the one-stop shop for all your requirements, making your web and mobile apps look more dynamic and professional.

You can install react-native-elements in your app using:

# Using yarn
yarn add react-native-elements

# Using npm
npm install react-native-elements --save


In case you run into any problems while running this app or have additional questions, please create a new issue on this repo, and we will follow up with you.

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