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Sample Application to demonstrate Multi-tenancy based on discriminator field using Spring Boot & Hibernate.

Since hibernate (5.x) has some issues (refer the link below) in supporting the 'Discriminator' based multi-tenancy strategy. This following workaround will help to achieve the same.


  • Uses hibernate filter to limit the query results based on tenant.
  • Uses hibernate interceptors to enforce tenant details during creating/updating entities.
  • Uses Spring AOP (AspectJ) to set the filter parameters.


  • Each request goes thru a custom servlet filter which checks for X-TenantID http header and set's it in the ThreadLocal variable using TenantContext class. If http header is not present in request, it'll be rejected.
  • Controller routes the request to Service class and the Spring AOP (UserServiceAspect class) intercepts the service call and set's the hibernate tenant filter.
  • All the service method has to be annotated with @Transactional for UserServiceAspect to work.
  • Above method works only for read queries, for write queries, we have to use hibernate interceptors.
  • Custom Entity interceptor (using EmptyInterceptor) class which sets the tenantId value during the save/delete/flush-dirty entity events.
  • Entity class should implement TenantSupport interface for the Entity interceptor to work.


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