Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

sosmedApp Project

Framework and library that I use

  1. React js
  2. PWA
  3. Materializecss
  4. Node js
  5. Express js
  6. MongoDB
  7. Mongoose
  8. Nodemailer
  9. Sendgrid
  10. JWT
  11. etc

What features are there

  1. Sign In Users
  2. Sign Up Users
  3. Update Profile
  4. Create Post
  5. Delete Post
  6. See All Posts
  7. Following and Unfollowing Users
  8. Like and Unlike Users
  9. Comments Posts
  10. See Following Posts
  11. See Another User Profile
  12. Search Users
  13. Send Email
  14. Reset Password

Live Application URL

This URL has the application deployed in

How to use it

You can open the root folder in cmd or terminal and write this

npm install 

And you need to create the config.env file in the root folder and add some environment, including

NODE_ENV= node env what you want
PORT= port what you want
DATABASE= your database 
SENDGRID_API_KEY= your sendgrid api key
JWT_SECRET= jwt secret what you want

To start the node server

npm run start-dev

To start react

npm start

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