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RabbitMQ Routing Node Stamp Plugin

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When a RabbitMQ broker receives a message, stamp the message with the node that routed it (handled client request).

Supported RabbitMQ and Erlang Versions

This plugin currently targets RabbitMQ 3.8.x and Erlang 21.3+. Please see the Releases page for binary downloads.

Binary Builds

Binary builds are published as GitHub releases.

See Plugin Installation for details about how to install plugins that do not ship with RabbitMQ.


This plugin cannot be used together with rabbitmq-message-timestamp as they override the same extension point.

Building from Source

Clone the repo and then build it with make:

cd rabbitmq-routing-node-stamp
# [snip]
make DIST_AS_EZS=true dist
# [snip]
ls plugins/*

Build artefacts then can be found under the plugins directory.

Finally copy plugins/rabbitmq_routing_node_stamp_plugins-XXX.ez to the $RABBITMQ_HOME/plugins folder.


Enable the plugin with the following command:

rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_routing_node_stamp

The plugin will then hook into the basic.publish process in order to inject a header containing the name of the routing node.


The plugin hooks into the basic.publish path, so expect a small throughput reduction when using this plugin, since it has to modify every message that crosses RabbitMQ.

This plugin should not be enabled at the same time as any other interceptors that hook into the basic.publish process, such as the rabbitmq-message-timestamp plugin. Enabling more than one interceptor that is registered to the basic.publish process will cause all AMQP 0-9-1 connections to fail when creating a new channel.

Copyright and License

(c) 2007-2022 VMware, Inc. or its affiliates.

See the LICENSE file.

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