An Android application that reminds you of the time
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A datetime picker for your React app.
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# Chibe

Chibe is an application for Android that vibrates your phone at set times. This helps you to effortlessly keep track of the time. Chibe acts like a modern replacement of a chiming or cuckoo's clock, it's customizable and it only affects you.


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  • Choose at what time you would like your phone to vibrate
  • Choose between multiple vibration patterns, so won't confuse Chibe with normal notifications
  • Configure times at which Chibe should be silent, so you won't be annoyed at night



Chibe is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3, or (at your option) any later version.

GNU GPLv3 Image

All graphics, except the icon of Chibe are released in the public domain. The icon of Chibe itself can only be used to signify this specific app.

Some of the graphics included in Chibe, build upon or use art from, which are all released in the public domain, namely:

The help icon was taken from under the CC-BY 4.0


To build the app, install Gradle, and run

./gradlew build

in the root directory.


./gradlew installDebug

to install the app directly on a connected device.

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