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A collection of IPython notebooks using QuTiP: examples, tutorials, development test, etc.
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9 months ago8Jupyter Notebook
Useful functions, tutorials, and other Python-related things
a day ago8bsd-3-clauseJupyter Notebook
Materials for my scikit-learn tutorial
6 years ago4Jupyter Notebook
Tutorial on scikit-learn and IPython for parallel machine learning
Pycon Pandas Tutorial969
5 months ago2mitJupyter Notebook
PyCon 2015 Pandas tutorial materials
Ipython In Depth877
2 years ago6otherJupyter Notebook
IPython and Jupyter in-depth Tutorial, first presented at PyCon 2012
4 years ago4bsd-3-clauseJupyter Notebook
Materials for my Pycon 2015 scikit-learn tutorial.
5 months ago4apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
CatBoost tutorials repository
3 years ago1Jupyter Notebook
Ipython notebooks for math and finance tutorials
Cntk World332
3 years agomitPython
:earth_americas: Simple and ready-to-use deep learning examples for the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK)
6 years ago1Python
Scikit-learn tutorials for the Scipy 2013 conference
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QuTiP notebooks

These files are IPython notebooks for testing different parts of QuTiP. These tests serves a somewhat different purpose than the unit test suite that is installed as a part of QuTiP. Instead of being small isolated (unit) tests, these notebooks are often more like integration tests, which exercise a larger part of the QuTiP codebase to make sure that different parts work together as expected, or tests that exercise various related parts in a module in a single location.

To open these files, start an IPython notebook server by running the following command in the directory that contains the files:

$ jupyter notebook

or, if you have an old version of IPython installed

$ ipython notebook

This will open a new page in your web browser, showing the IPython notebook dashboard page with an index of all the notebooks.

Older notebooks are in v3 format. The newer notebooks are in v4 format. If you are using a version of IPython notebook that does not support v4 format. (which would be v3.0.0 or lower), then you can convert these notebooks using:

$ jupyter nbconvert --to notebook --nbformat 3 <nb_to_convert>

Interactive online versions

This is currently (Jul 2019) running on the host service provided by My Binder. Binder

Online read-only versions

You can also view the notebooks online, as read-only HTML pages rendered by http://nbviewer.ipython.org. The notebooks are rendered also by My Binder. Binder.

Tutorials and lectures

The notebooks are organized with tutorials and lectures on index.ipynb.


You are most welcome to contribute to the QuTiP notebooks by forking this repository and sending pull requests, or filing bug reports at the issues page, or send us bug reports, questions, or your proposed changes to our QuTiP discussion group.

All contributions are acknowledged in the contributors section in the documentation.

Note that all notebook contributions must have a qutip.about() line at the end for reproducibility purposes. It is also encouraged to add the notebook to the tutorial page and the index.

For more information, including technical advice, please see Contributing to QuTiP development.

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