Py Smps

Python library for the analysis and visualization of data from a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS) and other similar instruments (SEMS, OPC's).
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py-smps is a Python data analysis library built for analyzing size-resolved aerosol data from a variety of aerosol sizing instruments (e.g., Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer, Optical Particle Counters).

NOTE: As of v1.2.0, the library is compatible with Apple silicone (M1, M2 chips).


Official releases of py-smps can be installed from PyPI:

$ pip install py-smps [--upgrade]

If you'd like the latest pre-release:

$ pip install py-smps --pre [--upgrade]

To install the edge release directly from GitHub:

pip install git+


Supported Python versions

  • Python 3.8+

Mandatory Dependencies

The full list of dependencies can be found in the pyproject.toml file.



Tests can be run by issuing the following command from within the main repo:

$ poetry run pytest -s tests/ --ignore=tests/datafiles

Contributing to Development

We welcome all contributions from the community in the form of issues reporting, feature requests, bug fixes, etc.

If there is a feature you would like to see or a bug you would like to report, please open an issue. We will try to get to things as promptly as possible. Otherwise, feel free to send PR's!



Documentation is available here. To build locally, you must first install pandoc. Docs are built using Sphinx and can be built locally by doing the following:

# Activate the virtualenv
$ poetry shell

# Build the docs
$ cd docs/
$ make clean
$ make html
$ cd ..

Then, you can navigate to your local directory at docs/build/html/ and open up the index.html file in your preferred browser window.

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