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Carina is a Java-based test automation framework that unites all testing layers: Mobile applications (web, native, hybrid), WEB applications, REST services, Databases.

  • Carina framework is built on top of most popular open-source solutions like Selenium, Appium, TestNG allowing to reduce dependence on specific technology stack.

  • Carina supports all popular browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and mobile devices (iOS/Android). Special feature for mobile domain: it reuses test automation code between IOS/Android up to 70-80%.

  • As far as our framework is built in Java, it is cross-platform. Tests may be easily executed both on Unix or Windows OS. All you need is JDK 8 installed.

  • Framework supports different types of databases - both relational and nonrelational (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL), providing amazing experience of DAO layer implementation using MyBatis ORM framework.

  • API testing is based on Freemarker template engine. It enables great flexibility in generating REST requests and responses are dynamically changed by incoming arguments.

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Documentation and free support

Code formatter

We propose to use our configured Java code formatter for Eclipse. To use same formatter in IntelliJ IDEA you should install and configure Eclipse Code Formatter.


Code - Apache Software License v2.0

Documentation and Site - Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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