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Confluence Python API

If you want to interfere with Confluence from Python, this is what you are looking for.

While this library is quite new it has the basic functionality for retrieving and storing pages in Confluence 3.x-5.x, hiding most API differences between these versions.

That's open source and I will welcome any contributions, including bug reports ;)

How to use it

You should read the documentation from or just look inside the source code as you may find some new features that are not yet documented.

from confluence import Confluence
conf = Confluence(profile='confluence')
conf.storePageContent("page","space","hello world!")

Also create a config.ini file like this and put it in current directory, user home directory or PYTHONPATH.

# only the `url` is mandatory


Development takes place on GitHub, where the git-flow branch structure is used:

  • master - contains the latest released code.
  • develop - (default branch) is used for development of the next release.
  • feature/XXX - feature branches are used for development of new features before they are merged to develop.

How to report bugs and request improvements

We use the GitHub issue tracker. Before you submit your issue, take a look at the list of current issues to see if someone already found something similar.

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